Trygt Oppgjør

Nordea Car Loans application “Trygt Oppgjør” is an ingenious online service, that ensures smooth and secure transactions and information flow between sellers and buyers of used cars. Using Bank ID for mutual identification, it’s USP lies in the simplicity from a user point of view. The brief covers awareness initiatives while teaching both consumers and auto dealerships about the advantages of using the service.
Although the service might be self-explanatory for some, the traditional procedures of buying and selling cars are soundly established. The end-users need to be presented with facts that both reassures them about the safety of using a new service when buying or selling a car, and its many advantages over more traditional methods. We also needed to apply a somehow new look and feel to the communication concepts we created, since Nordea is generally perceived as a traditional bank within finance and corporate banking.
Very Agency have been developing concepts for the “Trygt Oppgjør” service and car loans division of Nordea / Gjensidige, based on consumer insight. The creative output has included video production for TVC and online channels, on-/offline advertising and digital signage.
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