Hero content campaign

The car industry has a long tradition of focusing on the functional benefits when it comes to marketing car brands. Ford wanted to shift this focus. The brief was hence to create a piece of content that was able to spark more meaningful conversations than your average car advert.
Community insight showed that the physical space inside a Ford is more than just a space. The car is a rallying point for families; it can be both a place of freedom and a place of friction for families.
Based on everyday situations, ‘divorce’ became the turning point for our campaign based on the platform ‘Ford - Supporting Families Against the Odds’, as the insight was combined with the fact that more than 50 % of marriages in Denmark end in divorce. We created a 16 minute short film (hero content) produced for online seeding that gives an up-close view of just how difficult divorce can be on all members of the family, with the implicit message that so much of life happens in cars - so you better buy a good one.
The video received half a million organic views on the video posted on Ford Danmarks Facebook page, reaching 10 million timelines within the first week. More than 100 PR stories were subsequently published, reaching 100M people within the first three weeks. The campaign made “Ad of the week” on and was premiered with a Gold Lion at Cannes in the ‘Entertainment’ category.
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