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Feiring Bruk is the leading distributor of quarry products, natural sand, asphalt and stabilization and soil reinforcement solutions in the southeastern regions of Norway. Resource management and processing comes with a great deal of responsibility. A sustainable future needs adaptation today. Being at the start of the value chain, Feiring Bruk is working tirelessly to implement sustainable solutions that will create long-term environmental benefits.
Restructuring operations in a fairly traditional market with established business practices, requires organizational change at all levels, and a shift in the way corporate communication is carried out. One of the challenges in this process is to ensure a solid flow of information that covers all of the company’s stakeholders.
Very Agency has been the lead agency of Feiring Bruk since 2015. Besides day-to-day design and production assignments, the tasks have included marketing strategy and positioning, PR, establishing and running a presence on social media, branding, creating a new website and content production for all channels.
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