Sharing Good Vibes: 360 campaign

Very Agency has worked with Arla since 2015, to increase brand awareness, create trials and generate loyalty for Cocio. In 2019 Cocio wanted to connect with a younger target group, the Gen Z, while staying relevant within the existing, slightly older primary target group. The goal was to make Gen Z choose Cocio over competing brand within and outside of the category of flavored milk.
Cocio has shared good vibes with their unique and recognized chocolate milk since 1951. Created in Denmark using only three ingredients - milk, cocoa & sugar, Cocio has earned a crowd of dedicated advocates. Despite scoring high on awareness within Gen Z, Cocio falls short of the almost cult-status connotations by Millennials and older generations.
We created a social media driven campaign aimed to "share good vibes”, drive sales and build brand loyalty and equity in the younger target group. Teaming up with influencers that had a saying in both the desired and the existing target group, we engaged in a wide range of activities including competitions generating user-created content, a strong social media presence, target group trials and off-trade initiatives.
Reach: 9 M. Total engagement: 85.000 View-to-end: 3,8 M. Total sales growth of 12 % for the brand, outperforming the category growth of 7 %.
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