Burn Energy

Scandinavian energy platform

Make Burn relevant for Scandinavian consumers.
Burn was launched in 2006 and was initially only supported by an atl campaign. In 2010 burn became the main sponsor of the reality tv show paradise hotel. The result of these initiatives was a brand awareness of more than 80%, but the brand had no relevance and no loyalty in the target group. Cultural insight Winning is not everything. Trying is everything consumer insight: “everyone is looking for real experiences”
Burn should be there when you shine for the first time. We built a bottom-up community campaign.
+ 135 millions in weighted on/off line exposure. + 22 million Social Media content impressions. + 270% increase in organic growth of nordic fanbase on social media. + 200% increase in facebook engagement (which was the highest across all Burn markets on a global scale) and higher than Monster og Red Bulls engagement at the time. + 30 million NOK in PR value. Burn (was in 2014) bigger than Red Bull in Norway.
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