Very Agency

We bring together brands and communities around shared values and goals, facilitating meaningful contributions to culture.

Communities have existed as long as human history. Now, propelled by globalisation and digitalisation, they have become borderless – connected by interest, passion and identity they create and export branded culture at scale. Our mission is to grow the most culturally influential brands of the future. We do this by building brands and products that have the power to unite people and communities.

Collaboration is the Future.

Culture is lived, not imagined in boardrooms.
We believe no one can be an expert in all lived realities at the same time – the only way forward is to collaborate. So that’s what we do. With filmmakers, skaters, dads, furniture makers and chess enthusiasts – people who can help us find unique insights, build credible positionings and develop ground breaking creative work.  



Those who dare to push their personality the most, dare to push the boundaries and test new things, will win people’s attention. Something in the middle is totally uninteresting. The same goes for brand. Be yourself 110%. Therefore, the enormous development and the increase in collaboration between the music scene and companies will continue to grow. It creates an edge and a sharp identity that can be a win / win for all involved parties.



Food & Drinks

I strive to be updated with what's cooking in the food and drink industry in Oslo, as well as the other Scandinavian countries. The best way to keep up and understand the culture is to engage with both chefs, bartenders and foodies all around the world.



Electronic Music

Electronic Music is the new Rock & Roll of the century. The leading electronic music communities online reach out to over 30 million unique visitors a year. In the way rock and roll broke into alternative, punk, glam and metal, electronic music represents hundreds of genres all cemented by the common point of being made digitally. Many of these sub-genres represents unique communities and cultures. Do you have the insight you need to understand this audience?




Professional Gaming is the future of our next generation, and all the generations to come. Our next Ronaldo will not be on the field, but in a big arena playing video games for thousands of screaming fans.




Art is what makes the all around existence worth living, so why not make it the most intriguing as possible? It’s a community based on discussing and sharing the most essential experiences of life –between people from all ages, genders, cultures, and ethnicity. It’s about being there and catching the awake.




Aiming to cooperate with feminism and the lgbtiq+ community would be strategically wise of you these days if you wish to keep your business trending. It might be a cliché but the younger generation is the future, and they look for diversity, integrity and creativity. My engagement in and enthusiasm for intersectionalism, along with experience in event managing, project leadership and marketing, makes me a strategic and creative partner for any brand who needs to reach the younger generation.




It is about being a rebel. A smart and creative rebel. To make sense out of non-sense and to compose am unique vision and voice that resonate with the new wave that we are riding on.


Kit Wan