Copenhagen Fashion Summit: Saving the Planet in Style

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Thursday the 24th of April is an important date in the 2014 fashion calendar. Why?

Well, because the entire Danish Fashion Elite and attendees from all over the world will get together to discuss a very important matter – namely sustainability in fashion.

The event goes under the name Copenhagen Fashion Summit and this year the focus will exclusively lie on what possible solutions could be used to help fashion become more sustainable in the matter of industry and for sustainable consumption.

The event will be hosting more than a thousand global attendees and it will take place nowhere less than the Copenhagen Opera House at Holmen.

The Copenhagen Fashion Summit will be presenting a number of different speakers who are all, in some way, influential in the global fashion industry. Some of the key speakers include:

  • Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark
  • The Danish Minister for Economic Affairs and the Interior Margrethe Vestager
  • CEO of the Danish Fashion Institute Eva Kruse

… and a very cool guy called Marco Bizzarri who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Bottega Venta. He used to be President and Chief Executive Officer of Stella McCartney which is undoubtedly a stamp of approval when it comes to sustainable fashion.

The 9 AM to 6 PM program of the day provides everything from short films, speeches, panel debates and even a sustainable fashion runway show featuring 12 Nordic fashion designers who will provide their take on sustainable fashion.

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world – production is huge and it is an industry of constant replacement and endless waste.

Fashionable ladies HRH Crown Princess Mary in company with CEO of the Danish Fashion Institute Eva Kruse

A number of brands such as H&M and Stella McCartney are already trying to make an improvement on the matter of sustainability, but the rest of the industry has to follow. This is exactly the purpose with the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, so let us hope that the global fashion elite can get together and think of some new innovative ideas to improve sustainability in fashion so we can all get the chance to look fabulously fashionable with good conscience!

Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2014 from Nordic Fashion Association on Vimeo.

Diesel Gets Jiggy With It

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Diesel are teaming up with i-D Magazine to introduce their new Jogg Jeans in a vibrant dance video that has this little dance lover snapping fingers and living for all of the awesomeness.

The video is so awesome, in fact, I kept forgetting that it is actually an advertisement. And it’s going viral too!

The video features an A-Z visual exploration of dance styles and the people that represent them, as the participants are real-life dancers who are acknowledged in their respective scenes.

Aside from the fact that the video DOESN’T showcase the real Harlem Shake*, it is pretty dope to see so many different styles represented: From the popularized Twerk, to the niche Nothern Soul, and gay ballroom moves like the Death Drop and Vogue Hands.

A-Z of Dance by Diesel

According to Diesel, Jogg Jeans are pants that combine denim with stretchy jersey, which supposedly makes throwing down in jeans no problem at all. So if you, like me, love to dance but hold back out of fear of ripping your favorite well-fitting jeans, these may be the ones for you.

The video’s soundtrack comes from Le1f’s “Wut”.

Le1f is possibly the first openly gay rapper to garner greater mainstream recognition and is definitely on the come-up. Get into his own music video for ‘Wut‘ below.

*If you are unfamiliar with the real Harlem Shake, which preceded the meme-craze that took over last year, then school yourself below.

The Real Harlem Shake Dance

// Mark

Tribute to a Danish Classic

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It seems Danish design is becoming increasingly popular internationally these days, and scandi-style is “so hot right now” around the world.

Being interested in fashion, this obviously makes me both happy and proud.

So much in fact, that I almost cried of joy (seriously) when I saw the blogger and fashion queen, Elin Kling wearing the classic Nørgaard paa Strøget 101 t-shirt on the cover of her fashion magazine Styleby. I was hit by a feeling of both pride and nostalgia, which is why this blog post is my personal tribute to a Danish classic.

The shirt Elin Kling is wearing on the cover of Styleby is particularly known for its effortlessly cool and classic fit and great quality and has been worn by Danes of different generations throughout the years.

Nørgaard paa Strøget have existed for a LONG time; my grandmother always talks about how she would buy all her clothes there when she was young and the classic pieces are made to last for decades.

In fact, both my grandmother and I own one of the classic 101 t-shirts, which is why this could be seen as much as a tribute to Nørgaard paa Strøget as it is to Danish Design in general. Because a brand that manages to appeal to so many different generations and even make it to the cover of one of the coolest fashion magazines with one of their classic, timeless items definitely deserves applause. Keep up the good work!

Present designer Mads Nørgaard with his father Jørgen Nørgaard who founded the brand back in the 1960s (Photo courtesy:

Swedish blogger and fashion queen Elin Kling wearing the Nørgaard paa Strøget ’101′ t-shirt on the cover of Styleby (Photo courtesy:

(Photo courtesy:

The final catwalk lineup of the models at the Mads Nørgaard AW14 show – lots of different takes on the classic Nørgaard stripes as we know them (Photo courtesy:

The classic 101-shirt is available in a big variety of different colors
(Photo courtesy:

The famous Nørgaard paa Strøget store at Amagertorv, Copenhagen K
(Photo courtesy: Nørgaard paa Strøget’s Instagram profile: @norgaardcph)

The Nørgaard paa Strøget ’101′ t-shirt back in the days…

// Caroline

A Video Mill? What the …

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Videomøllen presents: Copenhagen

OK. I bet you’ve heard about CPH PIX. Maybe you’ve already been attending some of their many events they’ve established throughout their festival? Well, if not: here’s a brilliant opportunity for you – I can promise you that it’s something you won’t miss out on.

First of, what’s Videomøllen?
Well, Videomøllen is two Danish words put together, video and møllen, which means video and mill – The Video Mill. However, this is not any ordinary mill that runs on the normal wind energy. This is a non-profit project established by a group of local pioneers who simply loves their neighborhood, and most importantly all share an interest in cultural film/movie projects.  The Video Mill is providing screenings at a venue space out of the ordinary, which makes the experience at Videomøllen that much more exciting – you are for example actually sitting what is normally used either as a basket court, football field, skate arena, etc.

What’s on?
I’ll take it back to what I promised you. On Sunday you’ll have the opportunity to experience a film night in the heart of Nørrebro, when Mark Raso’s film Copenhagen is being screened from 09:30 PM. The movie takes its point of departure on Copenhagen from the “outsiders” point of view – it reflects their love, and their dark dilemmas they experience when living in Copenhagen.

Here’s a teaser for you:

More information right here
Location: on the crossing of Sankt Hans Gade and Ravnsborggade
2200 Copenhagen Nørrebro


See you out there!

// Magnus


Peaking Tracks

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Every week I will be presenting three of my favorite tracks here on the Very community blog.
Here we go with the first one:

1) The new underground r’n’b it-girl Kelela just dropped a new track. Kelela will be performing at the Roskilde Festival this year. Definitely one of the more exciting acts on this years program:

2) The young guys from the Swedish Sad Boys-crew are one of the biggest internet phenomenons right now. They are touring all over the world and just dropped this track recently. The beat is sooooo sick:

3) Danish wonderkid Lord Siva’s new track “100″ is on repeat here and has been for two weeks now. Check out the track from the young boy based in Aarhus:


French Vogue is Haven for Black LGBTs

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Vice Magazine has a documentary short film series called ’Fringes’ that features underground cultures and communities, or as they call them; “outliers whose stories often fall out of the field of vision of the mainstream.”

The last instalment depicts how the vogue ballroom dance scene is blossoming and thriving in Paris, under leadership of Lasseindra Ninja.

As mentioned earlier []; vogue is a street dance originated by Black and Latin gay men in Harlem, New York. Here they meet in so-called ‘ballrooms’ and battle each other in runway walking, outfits, and of course dancing and posing. Much of the dancing was originally inspired by the fashion editorials from Vogue Magazine, hence the name.

The documentary successfully touches on how Lasseindra got inspired to bring the ballroom scene from New York to Paris. She tries to create a community where especially Black French gay men and transgendered people can feel safe and free enough to express themselves amidst homophobic and racist tendencies in society.

I definitely recommend watching this documentary, as well as the others in the ‘Fringes’ series.

‘Proletarian French Voguers’

Vice’s ‘Fringes’ Series:

// Mark Ivan Serunjogi

One of the Most Innovative Producers and DJ’s in Underground Dance Music

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Photo by Dump ( 

Al Green is a busy man! As a part of Instra:mental he produces records that helps reconnect the drum‘n’bass world with house, techno and electro without losing any of it’s futuristic appeal. As Boddika (the solo project) his tracks rises from a studio that is filled with analogue machinery, the forever shifting drum patterns built on step sequencers, the synth’s world apart from the blandness of virtual analogue presets. In recent years he has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative producers and DJ’s in underground dance music.

Sounds like…

And like…

// Kristian Kjøller


Tiger Replaced By Fish…

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I work in a clothing store in inner city Copenhagen. The store holds a number of it-brands – one of them being the ultra-hyped Japanese, French-owned fashion brand Kenzo.

The brand got a huge revival on the International fashion scene in 2012 when it hired the geniuses Humberto Leon and Carol Lim as creative directors. This resulted in many cool, original and fresh designs that appealed to a young and stylish audience. Most importantly the two introduced the world to the Tiger sweatshirt, which afterwards was spotted on every important it-girl, fashion editor and model out there.

Since 2012, the Tiger sweatshirt has become an iconic statement piece for the brand and it sells out faster than any other statement piece out there. Apparently, the AW13 season was the last one for the famous Tiger sweatshirt, and now it has been replaced by a fish… yes, a fish!

The other day a group of teenage girls almost started crying when I introduced them to the news; why would Kenzo replace the cool tiger on their sweatshirt with an uncool fish?Well girls, I did some research and there is a rather cool explanation to this: Kenzo is trying to use their popularity to support a good cause! Since Thursday last week the fashion house have been hosting a digital pop-up installation in Paris where people who passes by get the opportunity to buy the brand’s limited edition #NoFishNoNothing collection. The pop-up installation is made in cooperation with the Blue Marine Foundation who will, subsequently, benefit from every purchase made OR every Instagram post of the installation with the hashtag #NoFishNoNothing.

The digital pop-up installation is made as a virtual aquarium in which fish are swimming around, and at intervals 30 percent of the fish disappear from the screen to represent the number of species that could go extinct as a result of overfishing – but then, every time someone makes a purchase or posts a photo on Instagram with the given hashtag, a fish is added to the aquarium. Pretty clever thinking, and a very good reason to keep loving Kenzo, despite of the loss of the tiger – who could use a helping hand as well.

// Caroline Plummer

The Bronx Meets the West Coast of Jutland

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Mont Oliver is a trio haling from Thy. They started out as an indie band, but now they draw their inspiration from acts like J.Dilla, Frank Ocean, Slum Village, Massive Attack, Kendrick Lamar among many. Their sound is a mix of american soul, hiphop, RnB and pop. In spite of their young age the guys are extremely tight on stage as well. All in All, Mont Oliver makes you wanna move to Thy!

// Kristian Kjôller

Looking to Understand Gayish Talk?

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Sometimes, when I hang around people who talk a certain way, I tend to adapt to their lingo so much that I forget to turn back to ’regular’ speech when speaking to people who do not talk like that. Especially after a weekly screening of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, a drag queen reality competition TV-show, I realize that the confused look on people’s faces is due to me not switching over from Drag Queenish and them not understanding a word I say.

So instead of me needing to explain it all every time, here are some great clips to explain some of the common present-day English gay terms for me. So don’t be a pillow princess, hunty. Get into these videos, and serve up some gay-talk-realness yourself. Yaaaz.

Vlogger Arielle explains lesbian dirty words to her mom:

Ok, I find this next video hilarious (probably because, I personally use all of those phrases (I’m apparently a stereotype)…

Comedian Eliot Glazer’s guide to modern gay vernacular:

Eliot Glazer’s guide is also a promo-video for the HBO drama series “Looking”, which is a show about 3 friends looking for love, purpose, and that ‘good life’ as part of San Francisco’s gay community. I just watched the entire season and though it starts of a bit slow and cliché, it’s definitely a grower that subtly tackles some issues found in Western gay male scenes. I have attached a trailer below for the HBO-show. And if you’re so over “Looking”, then forget this whole rant and just watch Eliot Glazer’s hilarious interpretation of modern gay language.

Trailer for HBO’s “Looking”:

// Mark Ivan Serunjogi

L’artiste, l’amant et la légende…

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Here’s your chance to watch the new Yves Saint Laurent movie! MIX Copenhagen – the LGBT film festival – invites you to a preview of the movie about the legendary, french fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.  The movie is shown in french with danish subs.

March 19 2014, 19:30 Empire Bio, Sal 3 Guldbergsgade 29F, 2200 København N

Buy tickets here - and check it out on Facebook! 

Watch trailer here…

// Andree Hoxfeldt

How to Dress for Spring: The DOs & DON’Ts

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We have had sun for five days in a row now, the birds are singing, people are enjoying themselves and everyone has agreed: Spring is here. Spring, that is, not to be confused with summer. The thing is; sometimes Danes does not really distinguish between these two seasons – therefore I think it would be appropriate to form out a small list of dos and don’ts when it comes to the lovely season of spring…

First of all, bare legs should not see the light of day until end of April/beginning of May – no classy lady (or guy for that matter) simply just drops her tights or pants on the first sunny day. Your legs probably have not seen sun-light since August, so for everyone’s sake it is a good idea to prepare yourself with a decent amount of self-tanner – or at least a good exfoliater (this only counts if you are a girl or a very girly man!)

Secondly, a good spring jacket is essential. Nobody likes a sweaty Eddie wearing his/her winter coat and, equally, nobody wants to see you walk around in a tank top (especially not a cropped one) in March – that is just plain stupidity and, additionally, you will get a cold. The perfect spring jacket includes a clean, black leatherjacket, a nice oversized denim jacket, a classic camel-colored trench coat, a bouclé jacket a la Chanel or a bomber-jacket which is basically cool in every color.

Thirdly, and most importantly, sunglasses are crucial when it comes to spring. Everybody knows that sunglasses are cool and as a bonus you will not get wrinkles around your eyes if you use them! Two very legitimate reasons to prove that sunglasses are a big need during spring.

Speaking of sunglasses – these will also be a major help to you during these wonderful months of spring, because let us face it: You will, unquestionably, run into a lot of people that you probably have not seen since Distortion 2013, especially if you make your way around “the Hipster Bridge” on Nørrebro where the sun is at its best – and these reunions might not always be pleasant. Therefore, you must remember to include a pair of sunglasses to your spring wardrobe to avoid awkward confrontation (and look cool at the same time).

The Hipster Bridge portrayed by Kenneth Nguyen

// Caroline Plummer

Bookmark The Coveteur!

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There is nothing that (fashion) people love more than being able to get a peak into the closet of the rich and famous. The whole industry of blogging is, basically, built up around style-stalking your fashion icons, and I think any fashion-blogger out there can recognize the fact that it is the personal posts that get the most views from readers.

Style-stalking can seem a bit impersonal when sitting behind your smartphone and clicking through Instagram while searching on the #ootd hashtag” (ootd = outfit of the day ed.) – but not if you go to the right place: The Coveteur!

The website’s main focus basically lies on choosing specific celebrity style icons, or non-celebrities with really great taste, also referred to as “coveteurs”, who will then open up their home and their closet to be beautifully photographed for the rest of us to enjoy and admire.

Additionally, they present a very well-written and sharp conversation-like interview together with every photo reportage, so you get to go even deeper down under the skin of the style-icon presented – this, together with the extremely beautifully taken big pictures, works extremely well as it gives the reader some kind of great fulfilment and makes the experience complete.

To make the whole thing even smarter and more amazing, they even have a “shop the look” button, which means that every time something that is available in stores now is shown by one of the personas, there is a direct link to the web-shop in which you can buy it. Essentially, The Coveteur is the best place to get inspired while fulfilling your needs of stalking and maybe do a bit of shopping at the same time – not a bad combination and definitely worth a visit!

// Caroline Plummer

Burn Baby Burn – The World’s Biggest DJ Competition

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This is your chance to not only win a management deal worth €100,000, but also a residency at one of the biggest night clubs on Ibiza this summer!

When looking out the window at the moment, spending summer on Ibiza doesn’t seem like the worst idea. To enter the competition, create a mix lasting between 15 and 20 minutes, and then upload it to – it’s as easy as that.

The best mixes will compete in national Mix Offs. All local winners will be flown to Ibiza to attend an intensive bootcamp program. 5 winners will be chosen from the bootcamp and they will all be awarded summer-long residencies at one of the top clubs in Ibiza. All 5 will be competing for the title as the best DJ and a €100.000 investment into his/her DJ career.

This is your chance to prove you’re a better DJ than Paris Hilton… So what are you waiting for?

// Andree Hoxfeldt

Ashibah Ain’t Playing Games

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Ashibah has been a known face and name in Copenhagen’s nightlife scene for years, spinning records at TS Bar, Simons Nightclub, and music festivals like Raw and Distortion. Just to name a few.

If you have frequented LGBT-parties at Block 66, this tall beauty is hard to miss whether she is getting the party started at HOMO Electric or getting down at a Sabaah party.

Now she is coming to the forefront with her own music, pulling inspiration from her love of electronic and urban music. Ashibah’s vocals are clean, smooth, and deep, and the video to the loungy R&B-single  ‘Game Over’ is aesthetically eerie and scenic. Needless to say I find Ashibah guilty of committing a crime; she killed it! This song is definitely a grower.

Get into home girl’s new video and single below.

// Mark Ivan Serunjogi

A Very Honest Take on #SMWCPH

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We’re a busy bunch, so we didn’t partake in all the events, but one of the more interesting topics during last week’s seminars were the speaks on The Future of Content. We’re not going to dive into the speaks (thanks for sharing btw), but instead outline a few takes on the matter…

The Future Starts Now

It makes sense to talk about what the future holds regarding content because all marketers must stand guard for the rapid development in Content Marketing, but it makes even more sense to look at how content works well now! We’re handling our clients content at this very moment, so what’s better than to look at the bright side of now? 

Content Plan vs. The Power of Spontaneity

Content is everything – fear not, it’s not a new buzz phrase, but simply stating the fact that content is all kinds of story pieces that one can throw into the marketing machinery. This time around we’ll look at it from a social media perspective, hence #smwcph.

Most agencies and brands work with content plans for all their engaging and viral content, but think about it…

Who plans being social? How do you even make a trustworthy plan for being social and thereby relevant to others? And here comes a truckload of truth: You don’t! You react and make it up as you go – and that’s what gives you character. It sharpens your profile and positions you as trustworthy and authentic.

The spontaneous approach to creating content (versus the content plan) has the power of now – the very moment when you push the post button. If you are a content developer, you’ll know that you sharpen your piece of content just before you publish – you give it the spontaneous edge the very last moment. And it’s often these content posts that go through the roof! Make your plan all right, but keep it open to the spontaneous approach. The freedom of allowing content to be spontaneous goes both ways – the brand must choose the right people to create and publish, and the content developers must know their craft well, very well! Thus, more freedom in creating relevant content is both what works now – and in the near future!

Stop Making Sense. Make Cool Stuff!

No matter the target group there is a good chance it consists of people. Does Facebook have a future? Does Instagram? It doesn’t matter! Creating relevant brands based on relevant content is not about any specific social platform – it’s about people. Brands and agencies must adjust their approach to focus their content on people more so than on specific platforms (in the long run) as the platforms change – the underlying premise of why people engage doesn’t. People don’t give a rat’s whether a brand posts 2 or 3 times a week – if they are to engage on social platforms, they just want to see cool relevant stuff.

If you heard some very inspiring talks during #smwcph feel free to share your thoughts – in the meantime we’ll work on a post where we’ll present content we feel is great examples on what’s relevant and cool right now.


Underkoppen – The New Coffee Pusher in Town

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It’s easy to get lost in the jungle of ’cafe-slash-something’ shops that have popped out of nowhere recently. I’ve never seen one like this before though. The new café Underkoppen is the cosiest little place that also functions as a tailor shop. You can have small things fixed and repaired while you’re downing your cappuccino, and checking – cause they have free wi-fi here.

Underkoppen serves light breakfast platters for 40 kr. If you’re more the evening type of person, you should go for a port wine in the cosy back room.

Underkoppen is located on Vesterbrogade 98, København V… not too far from Værnedamsvej. Their Facebook page is even closer – like it right here!

// Andree Hoxfeldt


The Sonic Technician

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London based producer Jon Hopkins is a respected keyboardist and sonic technician. He’s played keyboards for Brian Eno, makes music for Coldplay and has also produced the soundtrack for the British science fiction movie “Monsters”.  His album from 2013 “Immunity” is simply amazing. He tends to work around the edges of things and instills ambient music and acidic techno with a classical sense of composition in his productions. Like last year, 2014 is a big touring year for him. Hopefully Roskilde will be a part of his schedule…

Jon Hopkins // “Open Eye Signal” 

Jon Hopkins // Boiler Room

// Kristian Kjôller

Literally, The Gayest Award Show

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Last week the 6th annual Axgil Gay Galla took place in Copenhagen’s Circus Building. The award ceremony celebrates individuals and organizations that within the last year have mad a significant difference in Copenhagen’s LGBT community. The award show also functions as a window into what and who are considered to be extra hot in the community. And I think y’all deserve to know about a few of the interesting nominees and winners.

Of course there are the impeccable gurls from Vesterbro Dragudlejning, whom I’ve written about earlier. I personally think that they were snubbed in the ‘Cosy Bar Party Award’-category. If you are planning an event or party, these are the gurls to call to host it and bring life to the party. They are anything but conventional and boring, and have had an amazing debut year getting booked to host cultural and fashion events and promote Tuborg’s Xmas beer and MAC Cosmetics among many other things.

Others who failed to win an award were the creators of the raw short film Nomansland, who were nominated in the ‘Culture Award’-category. The unique and critically acclaimed film is about sex, love, HIV/AIDS and suicide in the Copenhagen gay scene. Shot on location, many of the extras in the film are real-life people from the depicted community.

Lastly I want to draw your attention to some who actually well-deservingly won the ‘Out&About Media Award’; the TV-channel DR3 for producing programs like Homolesbians and Bøssestudier, in an attempt to educate the public about the lives, thoughts, and diversity of people who are attracted to the same sex. I think the series were fun, cheeky, and very informative. The shows are in Danish but I definitely recommend them to anyone who hasn’t seen them yet.

Watch them online now: Homolesbians & Bøssestudier

// Mark

A Copenhagener’s Guide to Sustainable Shopping

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Yup, there is a solution to sustainable shopping! You’ll look amazing and feel good about yourself: Indulge in 2nd hand luxury shops! So you can either choose to hand in some of your used designer clothes and earn some money, or go digging for some serious designer gold. Here are a couple of the best 2nd hand luxury shops you can find in Copenhagen (some of them even has their own web-shop!):

Lula 2ndhand Luxury is a 2nd hand shop in the heart of inner Copenhagen with focus on designer clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories for women. The owners are highly selective about the brands and items they take in, and they have great personal taste and you can be absolutely sure that your clothes will be in good hands if you turn them in at Lula. Additionally, they provide a wide range of different brands – Danish as well as international so you can be sure to find great pieces from every brand from Wood Wood to Chanel. Definitely worth a visit!

Lula 2ndhand Luxury
Antoniegade 9, kl. Tv., 1106 Kbh. K
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11-18, Sat: 11-16



Muda Nashi is a small 2nd hand shop located in Copenhagen’s own Paris, Frederiksberg. This is where all the fashionable Frederiksberg fashion-minded ladies with eminent taste hand in their used designer clothes when they want to go shopping for new stuff. Muda Nashi has a wide selection of brands in their store such as Nué Notes, IRO, Givenchy and so on… and they make sure to keep their costumers updated via their website and Instagram profile on a daily basis to make sure they do not miss out on any great buys.

Muda Nashi
Godthåbsvej 11A, 2000 Frederiksberg
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11-18, Sat: 11-15



O-S-V is a unisex 2nd hand shop located in the very exclusive inner Copenhagen. With neighbors such as Henrik Vibskov, Carhartt and Another Nué they make sure to surround themselves with the cool kids. The store has a large selection of cool brands – they especially have some awesome Scandinavian design treasures in store and lots of great printed items, shoes and sunglasses – and there is something for him and for her!

Peder Hvitfeldts Stræde 4, 1173 Kbh. K
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 11-18, Sat: 11-16



BauBau defines itself as a first class 2nd hand store. Located in Nørrebro they specialize in sophisticated 2nd hand menswear and have a large selection of exclusive brands such as Lanvin, Balenciaga, Acne, Soulland, Rick Owens and so on – definitely a good place for the guys to get their hands on some fresh new items for the wardrobe. Additionally, BauBau focus on interior items, so you can even get your hands on a lamp or a table to add a unique touch to your home as well as your wardrobe.

Birkegade 3, 2200 Kbh. N
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11-18, Sat: 11-16



So appreciate the fact that there are some insane shopaholics out there who will spend an enormous amount of money on designer clothes just to turn them in at your local 2nd hand shop by the end of the season for you to get your hands on while being kind to the environment. Get shopping!

// Caroline